Rigid endoscopes – ELTROTEC borescopes

Visual inspection of bore holes and cavities

ELTROTEC rigid borescopes were developed for the visual inspection of small bore holes and cavities. With diameters ranging from 0.7 to 25mm, they offer excellent image reproduction and with their excellent resolution and brightness facilitate the inspection of the smallest details. The Top-Line premium endoscopes are equipped with graded index lenses (GRIN lenses), providing the ag亚游国际官网est quality with no appreciable image loss.


The panoramascope enables time-saving inspection of cylindrical bodies. Due to the drop-shaped quartz glass lens, it is possible to record a 360° surface image in just one workflow. This image is then transmitted to the eyepiece via achromatic lenses. A large number of illuminating fibers ensures optimal illumination, allowing for short exposure times when using image processing software. The panoramascope is used in quality control of brake cylinders, sleeves, connecting rods and pistons.


  • Ø 6 mm and 11 mm
  • Lengths: 80 mm to 400 mm
  • External focus ring
  • Focal range from 2 mm to ∞
  • 360° all-round view

The ELTROTEC SKF-D endoscope is the standard amongst the rigid endoscopes. The most appropriate model for a variety of applications can be selected from the wide product range. With its integrated focussing, a clear image of the target object can be obtained from every distance. If a mirror tube is used the viewing direction can be adjusted by turning the hand wheel. Even with an angled viewing direction large angular fields of view are possible.


  • Ø 2.8 to 10 mm
  • Lengths: 125 to 1036 mm
  • Optimized light conductors
  • Dioptre adjustment



The unique feature of the ELTROTEC MKF-D is its integrated swing-prism enabling the viewing direction to be changed between -7° and 133° as desired. Using just one finger the viewing direction can be altered using the hand wheel on the control element. The angular field of view of 45° provides a sufficiently large visible region. The entire region in front of the endoscope can be inspected by moving the prism as the lens can also be rotated.


  • Ø4.3 to 14 mm
  • Lengths: 175 to 1,505 mm
  • Swivelling lens -7° to 133°
  • Rotatable through 370°

The miniature endoscope ELTROTEC PKF is ideally suited for the inspection of miniature components and channels in the field of microelectronics and precision engineering. With only 0.7 mm diameter it is one of the smallest rigid endoscopes. The low light transmission due to its small diameter is compensated for through the use of ag亚游国际官网 quality graded index lenses (GRIN lenses).


  • Ø 0.7 to 2.0 mm
  • Lengths: 29.5 to 234 mm
  • ag亚游国际官网 quality crisp rigid glass lens optics
  • 50° angular field of view


The miniature endoscope ELTROTEC ME is ideally suited for the inspection of miniature components and channels in the field of microelectronics and precision engineering. In distinction to other miniature endoscopes with a gradient index lens, the ME can also be lightly bent without suffering damage. The image quality is comparable to that of all conventional lens systems.


  • Ø 0.9 to 2.0 mm
  • Lengths: 20 mm to 450 mm
  • Flexible
  • ag亚游国际官网 quality silica fibers


The ELTROTEC SWS is equipped with a light intensive halogen lamp on the probe tip. This enables large cavities to be effectively illuminated. It is used e.g. for inspecting insulation in cavity walls, beams and wooden constructions. This model is also frequently employed for building refurbishment, stone drill holes and for inspecting exhaust gas paths. The integrated accumulator allows the endoscope to be flexibly transported to all deployment sites. Alternatively mains operation is possible.


  • Ø 8 mm
  • Length: 400mm
  • Accumulator operation possible
  • Warm light source in probe tip

Top-line endoscopes are ag亚游国际官网ly sophisticated endoscopy devices. The mature technology provides a ag亚游国际官网 light yield and sharply defined objects. This is supported by a multi-coated objective lens and modern GRIN lens technology.

Thus it is possible to generate better imaging with a smaller endoscope diameter. Top-Line endoscopes are supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories as standard in the form a complete set. The endoscopes  are equipped with a Mini Maglite light source.


  • Ø 2.4 to 6.35mm
  • Lengths: 102 mm to 560 mm
  • Larger, brighter images
  • Newly designed and multi-coated objective lenses
  • Focal point: 2mm to ∞


Top-Line endoscopes with a Ø of 4.2 mm are ideal for inspecting gun barrels for rust, scoring, chatter marks and signs of abrasion.


Rigid ELTROTEC Pro precision endoscopes complete the proven advantages of the Top-Line series by first-class quality of the special multi-coated lenses combined with modern GRIN lens technology. These endoscopes are designed for the professional user. Other ag亚游国际官网 quality characteristics include a focus ring and an optimized fiber optic connector for ag亚游国际官网 light yield. This is why these endoscopes are ideal for adapting to a camera.


  • Ø 1.85mm to 7.2m
  • Lengths: 50mm to 940mm
  • Latest endoGRINs® image transmission lense
  • Separate focus ring for user-friendly video and image recordin
  • Temperature range - 20 °C to 120 °C, up to 300 °C as an option
  • Focal point from 2mm to ∞

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