Displacement sensors for OEM and ag亚游国际官网 volume production

For applications where ag亚游国际官网 volumes are required, Micro-Epsilon develops sensors that are precisely tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. The sensor geometry, signal processing and packaging are custom engineered to suit these specific requirements. Due to the ag亚游国际官网 vertical range of design and manufacturing disciplines within the Micro-Epsilon group, minor adaptations through to customer-specific development projects can be implemented economically. In particular, inductive displacement sensors and eddy current displacement sensors are ideally suitable for ag亚游国际官网 volume production due to their proven technology.

Tailored to your measurement task

For OEM requirements with ag亚游国际官网 price sensitivity, Micro-Epsilon offers a large range of measuring techniques, expertise in developments and necessary production capacities in order to manufacture ag亚游国际官网 quantities of low cost sensors. These are exactly adapted to the customer’s requirements in order to achieve maximum efficiency with regard to technical and economical specifications. In addition to metrological requirements, our development engineers also coordinate components and parts with our customers in order to ensure cost-effective production.

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